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Lance Russwurm Avro Arrow Canada Airplane

" AVRO ARROW 201 "
John Buxton

500 s/n Paper 10.5 " x 14" Email-price
100 s/n Paper 17 " x 23" Email-price
100 s/n Giclee Canvas 18 " x 24" Email-price

Small Hand Signed print 5" x 7" Email-price


The high point of aviation in Canada - cancelled by government stupidity. At the time,
it was certainly the most advanced aircraft in the world. The cancellation of the project
put over 20,000 highly skilled people out of work, many of whom went to work for the
US on the Space Program. A case could be made that, perhaps we couldn't afford
an aircraft this sophisticated but...the Diefenbaker Conservative government ordered
all the existing aircraft to be cut up and sold as scrap - when various buyers were
offering to buy them at market value! This was a mind boggling act of vandalism.
If I wasn't a taxpayer, I'd be amused by the fact that the present day Conservatives
are about to get a pasting on the purchase of the American F-35s!


The Avro Arrow 201 - Lance Russwurm





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The Avro Arrow 201 - Lance Russwurm