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Raymond Scow Frog Bowl

Raymond Scow , a Kwakwak’wakw Artist, is originally from Gwa’yasdams (Gilford Island). The Frog , said to be the liaison between the Chiefs of the Sea and Land, also represents wealth and prosperity. The inlay on the frog bowl and ladle are of abalone and operculum. Dimensions of the bowl are 8½” high, 22½” long and 17½” wide.
The ladle is 18” long.



Raymond Scow


The Hokhokw is the cannibal bird monster of the Hamatsa Society. The Hamatsa dance is a very important part of the winter rituals of the Kwakiutl. This Hokhokw was designed and carved by Alfred J. Scow assisted by his brother Raymond Scow. The Scow brothers (6 carvers in all) are known for quality in craftsmanship. The Hokhokw is part of the family crest aquired through Alfred's mother from Fort Rupert. It measures aprox.70" long x 60" high. The mask also has a moving lower jaw with a representaion of Bakbakwalanooksiwai on it, one of the chiefs of the sky-world. The eyes of the Hokhokw are inlaid abalone shell. The mask is also dressed with cedar bark tufts, rope and skirt with black and white feathers.



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