Curt Walters of Sedona, Arizona is a plein-air impressionist known around the world for his impeccable interpretation
of the Grand Canyon. Although near and dear to his heart, the Grand Canyon is not Walters’ only scenic love. He often returns
to Colorado and New Mexico for painting sojourns, and while his North American travels have taken him from sea to shining sea
and from Canada to Mexico, his overseas journeys have brought Walters to some of the world’s most exotic locations.
Each year Walters’ artwork can be seen at many of America’s top Western art shows.
Three of the most prominent are the Prix de West exhibition at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage
Museum in Oklahoma City, the Masters of the American West Fine Art Exhibition and Sale at the Autry National Center and the Quest
for the West at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art. Within the last decade Walters has won over ten awards
from these prestigious exhibitions, including three Patrons’ Choice awards and two Purchase awards.

Curt Walters Ledges Of The Tadpeats

Curt Walters

30 s/n Giclee Canvas
30" x 25"


For rafters on the Colorado River, the geologic splendor of the Grand Canyon rises at times a mile above them.
The canyon’s inner gorge opens and closes, revealing and concealing sweeping vistas of towering cliffs, buttes and mesas.
Floating downstream is a multihued descent through a North American geologic timeline. The descent can also be sweltering.
Arrival at the tapeats’ ledges represents the chance to get out of the beating sun and enjoy some cool shade.
This layer of the Canyon was formed nearly half a billion years ago when Cambrian Seas covered the American southwest.
Its exposure by the relentless, erosive force of the Colorado is a godsend to the river-borne tourist.

Curt Walters Lake O'Hara

Curt Walters

50 s/n Giclee Canvas
37" x 37"


Is it wise to introduce one of the most renowned painters of the Grand Canyon as a Greenwich Workshop artist with a Rocky Mountain
landscape? It is if you want to make the point that he is a landscape artist of the first order, no matter what his subject may be.
Certainly the good folks at The Eiteljorg Museum’s Quest for the West Art Show and Sale would agree.
Walters won both the Patrons’ Choice Award and the Victor Higgins Award of Distinction at their event in 2007 with
September Afternoon at Lake O’Hara. Curt Walters is a plein air impressionist known worldwide for his impeccable depictions of the
Grand Canyon. As early as 1997, Art of the West magazine heralded Walters as the “greatest living Grand Canyon artist.”
Since then, he has expanded his award winning repertoire to include the landscapes of Asia, Europe, South America, Africa
and the expansive beauty of North America. Art of the West includes Walters in their category of “Eight True Masters” noting “many
museums and collectors do not consider their collections complete unless they include a Walters painting.” Walters was also the
recipient of the 2008 Trustees’ Purchase Award at the Masters of the AmericanWest Exhibition and Sale at the Autry.




Curt Walters Suddenly Aglow Grand Canyon

Curt Walters

50 s/n Giclee Canvas
36" x 54"

There is no vista more essentially American than the Grand Canyon, and no painter better suited for it
than Curt Walters, who Southwest Art magazine recently declared "…conquers the Grand Canyon."
With a growing pile of awards from the most prestigious exhibitions in the country—
the Masters of the American West, the Prix de West and the Quest for the West, to name a few—
Curt Walters has the best seat in the house as, brush in hand, he welcomes us into the majesty of the Grand Canyon.
"When winter cold fronts approach the Grand Canyon from the northwest," says Walters, "many days remain overcast
and frigid. But there is a magical time in the late afternoon when the sun drifts below the cloud bank and its rays
burst through the cheerless gray like a spotlight. Suddenly, the grand earthen temples are aglow in color, their
rugged shapes so ornately defined. Suddenly Aglow was inspired from a moment just like that.
I wish everyone could have an opportunity to see the Grand Canyon in a similar way."



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