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We represent a beautiful collection of Cecile Albi

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Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Cecile spent much of her youth exploring the woods, riverbanks
and lakeside shorelines. In so doing she began her appreciation of nature’s rhythms and colour.

Cecile obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba and a Diploma in Graphic Design
from Red River College. She worked over 20 years in Calgary practicing graphic design. Her long-time love
for fine art lead her out of the graphic design world and into fine art painting.
She has been a feature artist for the past 3 years at the Calgary Stampede’s Western Showcase.

The paintings by Canadian artist, Cecile Albi, are the result of her search for meaning and understanding of her
natural environment. After an in-depth relationship with visual art, Albi has intuitively constructed a fluid visual
language, in which to engage conversation with nature, herself and the viewer. Her visual picture plane often
supports the 'beautiful', yet at anytime, may change into and reflect the unstable and unpredictable traits of our planet.

Skillfully utilizing compositional elements, Albi follows Nature's lead through the use of colour, shape and movement.
She plays with the acts of assembling and dismantling – by implementing order and surrendering to chaos. Echoing
and respecting the offerings made by the Impressionists, Cubists and Abstract Expressionists, Cecile Albi brings
her own fresh unrestrained mark to the Contemporary.

Cecile Albi's works of art peak a full range of emotions and thoughts, from the serene to the awe inspiring,
stimulating curiosity for the mind and the spirit.

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