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Robert Bateman

Born in Toronto, Robert Bateman has been a keen artist and naturalist from his early days. He has always painted
wildlife and nature, beginning with a representational style, moving through impressionism and cubism to abstract
expressionism. In his early thirties he moved back to realism as a more suitable way to express the particularity
of the planet. It is this style that has made him one of the foremost artists depicting the world of nature.

In the '70s and early '80s, Robert Bateman 's work began to receive critical acclaim and to attract an enormous
following. His work is in many public and private collections and several art museums. He was commissioned
by the Governor-General of Canada to create a painting as the wedding gift for HRH The Prince Charles from
the people of Canada. His work is also represented in the collection of HRH The Prince Philip, the late Princess
Grace of Monaco and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. Robert Bateman has had many one-man museum
shows throughout North America, including an exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.;
most of these shows have drawn record-breaking crowds. His honors, awards and honorary doctorates are
numerous; he was made Officer of the Order of Canada, the country's highest civilian award. He was awarded
the Golden Plate Award from the American Academy of Achievement. He has also been the subject of three films
and several video productions. Three books of his art, The Art of Robert Bateman , The World of Robert Bateman
, and Robert Bateman : An Artist in Nature, have made publishing history. A fourth book of his art, Robert
Bateman : Natural Worlds
, focuses on the importance of natural and cultural heritage. Safari, an illustrated
book for young readers, contains firsthand accounts and interesting facts about African wildlife. The book,
Thinking Like a Mountain, details Robert Bateman 's environmental philosophies and observations and
includes pencil sketches throughout.

It is in honor of his contribution to art and conservation that both a public school and a secondary school in
Canadahave been named after him. With a degree in geography from the University of Toronto, Robert Bateman
taught high school for 20 years, including two years in Nigeria. He traveled around the world in a Land Rover
in 1957/58, increasing his appreciation of cultural and natural heritage. Since leaving teaching in 1976 to paint
full time, he has traveled widely with his wife, Birgit, to many remote natural areas.

Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman in the Gallery

Robert Bateman 's art reflects his commitment to ecology and preservation. Since the early '60s, he has been
an active member of naturalist clubs and other conservation organizations. This involvement has increased in
recent years and is now on a global scale. He has become a spokesman for many environmental and preservation
issues and has used his artwork and limited edition prints in fund-raising efforts which have provided millions
of dollars for these worthy causes. He says, "I can't conceive of anything being more varied and rich and handsome
than the planet Earth. And its crowning beauty is the natural world. I want to soak it up, to understand it as well
as I can, and to absorb it. And then I'd like to put it together and express it in my painting. This is the way I
want to dedicate my work."




Above the Rapids - Gulls and Grizzly Bear
Above the River - Trumpeter Swans
Across the Sky - Snow Geese
African Amber - Lioness Pair
African Buffalo - Sappi Portfolio
African Fish Eagle
Afternoon Glow - Snowy Owl
The Air, the Forest and the Watch - Bald Eagle
Alaska Light - Grizzly Bears
Alaskan Autumn - Grizzly Mother and Cub
Along The Coast - Bald Eagle
Along the Ridge - Grizzly Bear
American Goldfinch - Winter Dress
Among the Leaves - Cottontail
Antarctic Elements
Antarctic Evening - Humpback Whales
Approach - Bald Eagle Original Lithograph
Arctic Cliff - White Wolves
Arctic Evening - White Wolf
Arctic Family - Polar Bears
Arctic Ice - Polar Bear
Arctic Landscape - Polar Bear
Arctic Loon and Cotton Grass
Arctic Portrait - White Gyrfalcon
Arctic Tern Pair
A Resting Place - Cape Buffalo
The Artist and His Dog
Asleep in the Hemlock - Screech Owl
At Mahale - Chimpanzees
At the Bridge - Cliff Swallows
At the Cliff - Bobcat
At the Feeder - Cardinal
At the Nest - Secretary Birds
At the Roadside - Red-Tailed Hawk
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Overture - Moose
Awesome Land - American Elk

- B -

Backlight - Mute Swan
Bald Eagle Original Lithograph
Bald Eagle Flying
Bald Eagle Portrait
Bald Eagle Series #1 Original Lithographs
Baltimore Oriole and Plum Blossoms
Baltimore Oriole and Weeping Willow Litho.
Bank of Swans
Banyan Walk - Peacock
Baobab Tree and Impala
Barn Owl in the Churchyard
Barn Swallow and Horse Collar
Barn Swallows in August
Beach Grass and Tree Frog
Beaver Pond Reflections
Big Black - Black Bear
Big Country - Pronghorn Antelope
The Big Pines of Temagami - Bald Eagle
Bison Study
Black Bear Cubs in Tree Original Lithograph
Black Bear Foraging Original Lithograph
Black Bear Portrait Original Lithograph
Black Bear Predator Portfolio Original Lithos.
Black-Crowned Night Heron Pair
Black Eagle
Blacksmith Plover
Black-Tailed Deer in the Olympics
Bluebird and Blossoms
Blue Cranes - Sappi Portfolio
Bluffing Bull - African Elephant
Bounty of the Wetlands
Bright Day - Atlantic Puffins
Broad-Tailed Hummingbird Pair
Brown Pelican and Pilings
Buffalo at Amboseli
Bull Moose
Bull Moose Original Lithograph
Burrowing Owl
Bushbaby and Beetle
By the River - Elephants
By the Tracks - Killdeer

- C -

Call of the Wild - Bald Eagle
Canada Geese Family Original Lithograph
Canada Geese in Winter
Canada Geese Nesting
Canada Geese Over the Escarpment
Canada Geese with Young
Canada Goose Original Lithograph
Canada Warbler and Pear Blossoms
Cape May Warbler and Balsam
Cardinal and Snowberries
Cardinal and Sumac
Cardinal and Wild Apples
Catching the Light - Barn Owl
Catching the Scent - Wolf
Cattails, Fireweed and Yellowthroat
Centennial Farm
Ceremonial Pose - Red-Crowned Crane Litho.
The Challenge - Bull Moose
Chapel Doors
Chaps - Western Bluebird
Charging Rhino
Cheetah Profile
Cheetah Siesta
Cheetah with Cubs
Cherrywood with Juncos
Chickadee and Rose Hips
Chickadee on Pinecone
Chief - American Bison
Chimney Swift on Nest
Chinstrap Penguin
Clan of the Raven
Clear Night - Wolves
Colonial Garden
Continuing Generations - Spotted Owls
Cook Forest - Black Bear
Cottage Lane - Red Fox
Cougar and Kit Original Lithograph
Cougar in the Snow
Cougar in Tree Original Lithograph
Cougar Portrait
Cougar Portrait Original Lithograph
Cougar Predator Portfolio Original Lithos.
Country Lane - Pheasant
Courting Pair - Whistling Swan
Courtship Display - Wild Turkey
Coyote Head Study
Coyote in Winter Sage
Cries of Courtship - Red-Crowned Cranes
Curious Glance - Red Fox
Curled Up - Swift Fox

- D -

Dark Gyrfalcon
Day Lilies and Dragonflies 2 Print Set
Defensive Stand - Red-Crowned Crane
Descending Shadows - Timberwolves
Dik Diks
Dipper by the Waterfall
Dispute Over Prey - Lions
Distant Danger - Raccoon
Douglas Fir and Rufous Hummingbird
Down for a Drink - Mourning Dove
Downy Woodpecker on Goldenrod Gall
Dozing Lynx
Driftwood Perch - Striped Swallows

- E -

Early Snowfall - Ruffed Grouse
Early Spring - Bluebird
Edge of Night - Timber Wolves
Edge of the Ice - Ermine
Edge of the Woods - White-Tailed Deer
Egrets of the Sacred Grove
Elephant Cow and Calf
Elephant Herd and Sandgrouse
Elk at Yellowstone
Encounter in the Bush - African Lions
Endangered Spaces - Grizzly
End of Season - Grizzly
Entering the Water - Common Gulls
European Robin and Hydrangeas
Evening Call - Common Loon
Evening Grosbeak
Evening Idyll - Mute Swans
Evening Light - Elk
Evening Light - White Gyrfalcon
Evening Snowfall - American Elk
Excursion - Cougar and Kits
Eyes in the Grass - Lion

- F -

Fallen Willow - Snowy Owl
Fall Forage - Moose Cow and Calf
Farm Lane and Blue Jays
Female Cardinal - Companion Edition
Fence Post and Burdock
First Alert - Siberian Tiger
First Arrival - Killdeer
Fluid Power - Orca Original Lithograph
Flying High - Golden Eagle
Fox Etching
Fox and Beehives
Fox and Grapes
Fox at the Granary
Fresh Snow - Cardinal
Frosty Morning - Blue Jay

- G -

Gallinule Family
Galloping Herd - Giraffes
Gambel's Quail Pair
The Gatekeeper
Gentoo Penguins and Whalebones
Ghost of the North - Great Gray Owl
Giant Eagle Owl - Sappi Portfolio
Giant Panda
Giant Panda in the Wild
Golden-Crowned Kinglet and Rhododendron
Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle Portrait
Goldeneye Pair
Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin Original Litho.
Golden Light - Black-Tailed Fawn
Goldfinch in the Meadow
Goldfinch with Mullein
Goshawk - Original Lithograph
Goshawk and Ruffed Grouse
Grassy Bank - Great Blue Heron
Gray Squirrel
Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron Original Lithograph
Great Blue Heron in Flight
Great Crested Grebe
Great Egret Preening
Greater Kudu Bull
Great Horned Owl in White Pine
Great Horned Owl Study
Greyhooded Kingfisher - Sappi Portfolio
Grizzly and Cubs
Grizzly Bear Etching
Grizzly Bear Portrait Original Lithograph
Grizzly Foraging Original Lithograph
Grizzly Head Portrait
Grizzly Mother and Cubs Original Lithograph
Grizzly Predator Portfolio Original Lithos.
Ground Hornbill - Sappi Portfolio
Gulf Coast and Laughing Gulls
Gulls on Pilings

- H -

Haida Spirit - Raven
Hairy Woodpecker on Birch
Hardwood Forest - White-Tailed Deer
Harlequin Duck - Bull Kelp
Heron on the Rocks
High Camp at Dusk - Horse
High Country - Stone Sheep
High Kingdom - Snow Leopard
Hindu Temple - Tiger
Hoary Marmot
Homage to Ahmed - Elephant Original Litho.
Hooded Merganser
Hooded Merganser in Winter
Hour of the Egret
House Finch and Roses
House Finch and Yucca
House Sparrow
House Sparrows and Bittersweet
Hummingbird Pair - Diptych
Hurricane Lake - Wood Ducks

- I -

The Immigrants - Starlings
Indigo Bunting and Dandelion Original Litho.
In for the Evening - Sheep
In His Prime - Mallard
In the Briar Patch - Cottontail Rabbit
In the Grass - Lioness
In the Highlands - Golden Eagle
In the Mountains - Osprey
In The Oak - Great Horned Owl
Into the Light - Lion
Intrusion - Mountain Gorilla
Ireland House
Irish Church and Barn Owl
Irish Cottage and Wagtail

- J -

Junco in Winter

- K -

The Keeper of the Land - Grizzly Lithograph
Kestrel and Grasshopper
King Cheetah - Sappi Portfolio
Kingfisher and Aspen
Kingfisher in Winter
King of the Realm - Lion
King Penguins
Kittiwakes Greeting
Kopje Lookout - Leopard
Kudu - Sappi Portfolio

- L -

Lady Amherst Pheasant
Last Look - Bighorn Sheep
Late Winter - Black Squirrel
Laughing Gull and Horseshoe Crab
Leopard Ambush
Leopard and Thomson Gazelle Kill
Leopard at Seronera
Leopard in a Sausage Tree
Lily Pad and Loon
Lion Etching
Lion and Wildebeest
Lion at Tsavo
Lion Cubs
Lion Cubs - Black and White
Lion Cubs - Sappi Portfolio
Lioness Etching
Lioness at Serengeti
Lion Head Original Lithograph
Lions at Dawn
Lions in the Grass
Little Blue Heron
Lively Pair - Chickadees
Londolosi Cheetah
Lone Raven
Long Light - Polar Bear
Loon Family
Loon Gathering at Big East
Loon Pair and Young Original Lithograph
Lucas Porch
Lunging Heron
Lunging Osprey
Lynx in Snow

- M -

Majesty on the Wing - Bald Eagle
Mallard Family at Sunset
Mallard Family - Misty Marsh
Mallard Pair - Early Winter
Mangrove Morning - Roseate Spoonbills
Mangrove Shadow - Common Egret
Marbled Murrelet Serigraph
Marginal Meadow
Master of the Herd - African Buffalo
The Mating Game - Lions
May Maple - Scarlet Tanager
Meadow's Edge - Mallard
Merganser Duckling Bronze
Merganser Family in Hiding
Meru Dusk - Lesser Kudus
Midnight - Black Wolf
Mill Pond - Canada Geese
Mischief on the Prowl - Raccoon
Misty Coast - Gulls
Misty Lake - Osprey
Misty Morning - Loons
Momentum - Siberian Tiger
Moose at Water's Edge
Moose in Moonlight
The Morning Calm - Pintail Ducks
Morning Cove - Common Loon
Morning Dew - Roe Deer
Morning on the Flats - Bison
Morning on the River - Trumpeter Swans
Mossy Branches - Spotted Owl
Mountain Meadow - Dall Sheep
Mountain Monarch - Gyrfalcon
Mowed Meadow
Mule Deer in Aspen
Mule Deer in Snow
Mule Deer in Winter
Mule Deer Resting
Murrelets Original Lithograph
Muskoka Lake - Common Loons

- N -

Navigating The Rapids - Black Kermode Bear
Near Glenburnie
New Season - American Robin
New Territory - Black Wolf
Nightfall - Eagle Owl
North American Wild Sheep Stamp Print
Northern Reflections - Loon Family

- O -

Observing Christmas - Golden Retriever
Ocean Rhapsody - Orca
Off the Leash - Black Lab
Old Adobe - White-Winged Doves
Old Buggy and Winter Birds
Old Whaling Base and Fur Seals
Old Willow and Mallards
Old Willow - Mandarin Pair
On the Alert - Chipmunk
On the Brink - River Otters
On the Garden Wall
On the Move - Red Fox
On the Pond - Wood Ducks
Orca Procession
Osprey Family
Osprey in the Rain
Otter Pair Original Lithograph
Otter Study
Out of Range - Lion and Zebras
Out of the White - Snow Leopard

- P -

Painted Dogs
Pair of Skimmers
Pandas at Play Original Lithograph
Passing Fancy - Lion Cubs and Rhino
Pasture Trails - Red Fox
Path of the Panther
Peaceable Kingdom - Lechwe and Lioness
Peaceful Flock - American Wigeon
Peary Caribou
Peregrine and Ruddy Turnstones
Peregrine and Young Original Lithograph
Peregrine Falcon
Peregrine Falcon and White-Throated Swifts
Peregrine Falcon on the Cliff Original Litho.
Peregrine in Flight Bronze
Pheasant in Cornfield
Pheasants at Dusk
Picnic Table - Pileated Woodpeckers
Pileated Woodpecker on Beech Tree
Pintails in Spring
Pioneer Memories - Magpie Pair
Plowed Field - Snowy Owl
Polar Bear Original Lithograph
Polar Bear Challenge Original Lithograph
Polar Bear Portrait Original Lithograph
Polar Bear Predator Portfolio Original Lithos.
Polar Bear Profile
Polar Bears at Baffin Island
Polar Bear Swimming Original Lithograph
Potlatch Village
Power Play - Rhino
Prairie Evening - Short-Eared Owl
Predator Portfolio Original Lithographs
Predator Portfolio Black Bear Original Lithos.
Predator Portfolio Cougar Original Lithos.
Predator Portfolio Grizzly Original Lithos.
Predator Portfolio Polar Bear Original Lithos.
Predator Portfolio Wolf Original Lithographs
Predator Portfolio Wolverine Original Lithos.
Preening Pair - Canada Geese
Pride of Autumn - Canada Geese
Prothonotary Warbler
Proud Swimmer - Snow Geese
The Prowler - Raccoon
Pumpkin Time
Pygmy Falcon - Sappi Portfolio
Pygmy Geese - Sappi Portfolio

- Q -

Queen's Anne's Lace and American Goldfinch
Questing - Red Fox

- R -

Ready for Flight - Peregrine Falcon
Ready for the Hunt - Snowy Owl
Reclining Ocelot
Reclining Snow Leopard
Red Crossbills
Red Fox on the Prowl
Red Squirrel
Red-Tailed Hawk by the Cliff
Red-Tailed Hawk Study Bronze
Red-Winged Blackbird and Rail Fence
Red Wolf
The Return - Bald Eagle Pair
Rhino at Ngoro Ngoro
Rhododendron Study
Riverbank Retreat - Bobcat
River Otter Original Lithograph
River Otters Original Lithograph
Roadside Tapestry
Robins at the Nest
Rockface Descent
Rocky Point - October
Rocky Wilderness - Cougar
Rolling Waves - Greater Scaup
Rose-Breasted Grosbeak Original Lithograph
Rough-Legged Hawk in Elm
Royal Family - Mute Swan
Ruby-Throat and Columbine
Ruddy Turnstones
Rufous Hummingbird Original Lithograph
Rufous-Sided Towhee and Snowberry Litho.

- S -

Salt Spring Sheep
Samantha - Great Horned Owl
Sap Bucket Myrtle Warbler
Sappi Portfolio - African Buffalo
Sappi Portfolio - Blue Cranes
Sappi Portfolio - Giant Eagle Owl
Sappi Portfolio - Greyhooded Kingfisher
Sappi Portfolio - Ground Hornbill
Sappi Portfolio - King Cheetah
Sappi Portfolio - Kudu
Sappi Portfolio - Lion Cubs
Sappi Portfolio - Pygmy Falcon
Sappi Portfolio - Pygmy Geese
Sappi Portfolio - Springbok
Sappi Portfolio - White Rhinoceros
Sarah E. with Gulls
Saw Whet Owl and Wild Grapes
Scarlet Tanager and Alder Blossoms
The Scolding - Chickadees and Screech Owl
Screech Owl in Apple Tree Original Litho.
Screech Owl Study
Screened Porch - Black Lab
Sea Otter Study
Shadow of the Rainforest - Jaguar
Sheer Drop - Mountain Goats
Shoreline - Common Loon
Shrike Pair and Hawthorn
Siberian Night - Tiger
Siberian Tiger
Sierra Evening - Mexican Wolf
Silent Witness - Wolf
Snow Leopard Original Lithograph
Snowy Hemlock - Barred Owl
Snowy Morning - Blue Jay
Snowy Nap - Tiger
Snowy Owl Original Lithograph
Snowy Owl and Milkweed
Snowy Owl on Driftwood
Snowy Range - Canada Lynx Original Litho.
Songbird Trio Original Lithographs
Song of the South - Carolina Wren
Spanish Pig Original Lithograph
Sparring Elephants
Spirit Bear Original Lithograph
Spirits of the Forest - Totems & Wood Thrush
Split Rails - Snow Buntings
Springbok - Sappi Portfolio
Spring Cardinal
Spring Marsh - Pintail Pair
Spring Thaw - Killdeer
Spring Thaw - Red Tailed Hawk
Starlight - Cougar
Still Morning - Herring Gulls
Stone Ram Sheep
Stream Bank - June
Stretching - Canada Geese
Strutting - Ring-Necked Pheasant
Sudden Blizzard - Red-Tailed Hawk
Sudden Move - Siberian Tiger
Summer Garden - Young Robin
Summer Morning - Loon
Summer Morning Pasture
Summertime - Polar Bear
Surf and Sanderlings
Swift Fox
Swift Fox Study
Sylvan Stream - Mute Swan
Symbol of the Rainforest - Jaguar

- T -

Tadpole Time
Tawny Owl in Beech
Tembo - Elephant
Thinking Like a Mountain - Bald Eagle
Tiger at Dawn
Tiger at Dusk
Tiger Portrait
Totem Spirits Jewellery
Tree Swallow Over Pond
Tropical Canopy - Scarlet Macaws
Trumpeter Swan Family Original Lithograph
Trumpeter Swans and Aspen
Tsitika and Her Son
Twilight Siberian Tiger

- U -

Under Construction - Cliff Swallows
Under the Banyan - Bengal Tiger
Under the Canopy - Toucan
Up a Tree - Lion Cub
Up in the Pine - Great-Horned Owl

- V -

Vantage Point - Bald Eagle
Vermilion Flycatcher
Vigilance - Bald Eagle
Vulture and Wildebeest

- W -

Wading Heron and Willow
Watchful Repose - Black Bear
Watching - Siberian Tiger
Weathered Branch - Bald Eagle
Whistling Swan - Lake Erie
White-Breasted Nuthatch on a Beech Tree
White-Crowned Sparrow in Douglas Fir
White Encounter - Polar Bear
White-Footed Mouse Drawing
White-Footed Mouse in Wintergreen
White-Footed Mouse on Aspen
White on White - Snowshoe Hare
White Pelican
White Rhinoceros - Sappi Portfolio
White-Tailed Deer Through the Birches
Whitetail in Winter
White-Throated Sparrow and Pussy Willow
White World - Dall Sheep
Wide Horizon - Tundra Swans
Wildebeest at Sunset
Wild and Wary - Red Fox
Willet on the Shore
Window into Ontario
Winged Spirit - Snowy Owl
Winter Barn
Winter Barnyard
Winter Bison
Winter Blues - Blue Jay
Winter Cardinal
Winter Cattails - Red Winged Blackbird
Winter Coat
Winter Companion
Winter Elm - American Kestrel
Winter Filigree - Giant Panda
Winter in the Mountains - Raven
Winter Lady - Cardinal
Winter Mist - Great-Horned Owl
Winter Pine - Great-Horned Owl
Winter Pond - Mergansers
Winter Run - Bull Moose
Winter - Snowshoe Hare
Winter Song - Chickadees
Winter Sunset - Moose
Winter Trackers - Coyote
Winter Wren
The Wise One - Elephant
Wolf and Cubs Original Lithograph
Wolf Pack and Bull Moose Original Litho.
Wolf Pack in Moonlight
Wolf Pair in Winter Original Lithograph
Wolf Portrait Original Lithograph
Wolf Predator Portfolio Original Lithographs
Wolf Sketch Original Lithograph
Wolverine Portrait Original Lithograph
Wolverine Predator Portfolio Original Lithos.
Wolverine with Fox Original Lithograph
Wolves on the Trail
Wood Bison Portrait
Woodland Caribou Original Lithograph
Woodland Drummer - Ruffed Grouse
Woodshed in Winter - Ermine
Woodworkers - Pileated Woodpeckers
Wrangler's Campsite - Gray Jay

- Y -

Yellow-Rumped Warbler
Young Barn Swallow
Young Cougar Original Lithograph
Young Elf Owl - Old Saguaro
Young Giraffe Original Lithograph
Young Kittiwake
Young Sandhill Cranes
Young Snow Leopard
Young Snowy Owl


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