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Robert Bissell Dancers

Robert Bissell

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Robert Bissell - Dancers

Joy often reveals itself to us spontaneously. It was at such a time that I felt
the desire to jump up and dance for joy. No particular reason, just that joy was
there and it wanted expression. This is the inspiration for this painting. I first
saw dancing bears at a circus in Odessa, Georgia, (that time part of the USSR).
Although they had obviously been trained, the sense I got from them was that
even though they may be not in a place they felt at home, they were for a
period of time, at least, able to allow the energy of the fun and dance to come
through them. We all joined in and laughed like crazy, at first at the sight of
them but then just because we wanted to! It reminds me that even in difficult
times there can be room to jump, skip and dance down our own path.

Dancers - Robert Bissell



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Dancers - Robert Bissell