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Paul Calle In the Land of the Teton Sioux

Paul Calle

180 Giclee Canvas
33" x 25"


In their pursuit of the finest beaver pelts, the trappers' journey brought them through the Sierra Nevada to the shores of the Pacific Ocean. As they passed through the Sierra Nevada range to the western slopes, they came upon and viewed with unbelieving eyes the "Big Trees," the giant sequoias. They were amazed and awestruck at the immensity of the giant sequoias, whose trunks dwarfed both men and horses.

While the fur trappers did not find the huge numbers of beaver in California they had hoped for, they did discover the passages and trails through the mountains. Little did they realize then that these pathways through the Sierra Nevada range would prove valuable. Years later, as the demand for beaver ebbed and the fur trade ended, this knowledge would serve them well as they became the trailblazers and guides for the wagon trains and pioneers as they crossed the land to Oregon and California.


" In the Land of the Teton Sioux" - Paul Calle




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" In the Land of the Teton Sioux" - Paul Calle