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James Christensen Low Tech

James Christensen
July 2001

Paper 11" x 19.5



James Christensen Fantasies of the Sea eat

James Christensen
July 2001

Paper 21.5" x 14




James Christensen Conversation Around Fish

James Christensen
Sept. 2002

Paper 13" x 20"




James Christensen Men and Angels Tradebook

James Christensen
Oct. 2008

TradeBook 14" x 11" $85

Join the legions of fans and collectors who have made the award-winning artwork of James C. Christensen a part of their lives through his paintings, sculpture, acclaimed books and limited editions. Experience this diverse and masterful body of work in Men and Angels, the single largest collection of Christensen’s paintings ever published. This comprehensive volume brims with over 300 paintings (including many favored classics), more than 100 unpublished treasures and a selection of whimsical and inspired sketches from his private sketchbooks.
From marriage to spiritual devotion to daily pet care, no object seems mundane after it has met Christensen’s inventive brush. Applying his celebrated eye for the fantastic to people, landscapes and creatures (both real and imagined) Christensen has created a rich and strangely familiar world that will take a lifetime to explore. Each painting presents a unique glimpse into the mind of the artist and holds up a mirror to the universal trials and triumphs of our own lives.Christensen’s career as an artist and art professor has equipped him to be a great communicator, or perhaps the fact that he is especially articulate for a visual artist has made him a master teacher. His wide-ranging commentary is as engaging as his art. The range of subject matter and style are a testament to the artist’s imagination, creativity and understanding of art history. Christensen’s drive to connect with the world weaves through his work like a ribbon, over mermaids, under saints and around hunchbacks. The paintings communicate on a level that is as personal as it is universal. Enter the realm of James C. Christensen’s Men and Angels, both human and divine!


James Christensen Men and Angels

James Christensen
Nov. 2008

Collector Book W/ L.E. Print
14" x 11"

A very few people will own one of only 150 Men and Angels Collector’s Editions. This autographed book comes slipcased in rich burgundy bookcloth with a gold-stamped, leather label, lined in acid-free paper and is accompanied by Little Wings, an original stone lithograph created by artist James C. Christensen especially for the Men and Angels Collectors Edition.
The title page of each volume is signed by the artist and is consecutively numbered to match the stone litho. The discerning collector will treasure the book and lithograph package from this extremely limited edition.
Little Wings

Each of heaven’s angels has her own unique set of wings. Some are grand and gleam in the sunlight reflected off the clouds; some are sleek and graceful; some are a riot of peacock colors. This little angel, new to her own heavenly gifts, seems a bit impatient with the speed of their growth. When will she be able to fly like the others, dancing in the light of heaven? This original stone lithograph was drawn by James C. Christensen, and produced by his long-time collaborator, Master Printer Wayne Kimball. The softly curling lines of Christensen’s impatient angel spring to life with Kimball’s exquisite lithography.



James Christensen Foremost Fantasy Artist

James Christensen
Sept. 2001

TradeBook 11 " x 8.5"
Out of Stock

Introducing The Greenwich Workshop's New Century Artist Series showcasing contemporary art by some of today's best narrative painters in an affordable, high-quality format.

Dare we say that this lively collection of recent, vintage and never-before-published art by Christensen also makes an "imaginative" gift?

Inspired by the world's myths, fables, and tales of imagination, James C. Christensen's paintings reflect his philosophy that "believing is seeing." Christensen's beautiful -- if sometimes "curious-looking" -- works of art convey how important our imaginations really are, by inspiring laughter, creativity, and wonder.






James Christensen The Art Of James Christensen

James Christensen

TradeBook 10" x 10"

As told to Renwick St. James
Over 180 full color images plus sketches 180 pages, 10" x 10" Hardcover, jacketed. Enter the world of the Professor of Imagination and the creator of Voyage of the Basset (75,000 in print). A visually stunning collection from one of the world's foremost fantasy artists.62,500 copies in print. Now in its third printing."Beneath the fish, costumery and music lies the imagination of James Christensen. In A Journey of the Imagination: The Art of James Christensen, the serious thread is the power and importance of imagination; the rest is humor and fun. Jim uses humor, 'the lubricant that keeps life from chafing at our tender places,' as his vehicle for communicating his ideas. "One of my aims as an artist is to provide a point of departure for the viewer's imagination.' . ..Visually, Journey is chock full of imagery: reproducuons of paintings and sketches of all sorts of characters and stuff of imagination. Unlike many coffee tables art books, this is not a casual read.







James Christensen A Shakespeare Sketchbook

James Christensen
Sept. 2001

TradeBook 8.25" x 9.625"

by Renwick St. James
Artwork by James C. Christensen
Introduction by Fred Adams

Hear ye, hear ye, William Shakespeare wrote for you! (or at least your sixteenth century counterpart.) The playwright so reveared for his literary talent was also a businessman with an eye toward earning his fortune. He wanted the audience to laugh, cry, gasp... and buy seats at the next performance. His plays are filled with sword fights, fisti-cuffs, lowbrow hijinks, lewd references, faeries, ghosts, lunatics, monsters, murderers and mistaken identity.All of Shakespeare's stage has provided perfect fodder for the imagination of artist James C. Christensen whose wise and whimsical paintings and sketches will inspire you to go sit in a darkened theatre where Shakespeare's lovely language may steal up quietly and seduce you.The Bard and more than sixty-five of his dramatis personae all take bows in this unique visual tribute to Shakespeare. Filled with fun and countless discoveries for both the novice and the lifelong Shakespearean, the accompanying text has a performance of its own including the notes on the language, the myths, the murders and the eternal universality of the stories.







James Christensen Voyage Of The Basset Book

James Christensen

TradeBook 10" x 10"
Out of stock

With Renwick St. James and Alan Dean Foster
Over 120 full color images - 168 pages, 10" x 10" - Hardcover, jacketedTwo girls and their father embark on a fantastical journey of discovery detailed in brilliant color paintings and line drawings.Book-of-the-Month Club selection

75,000 copies in printTV mini-series on Odyssey Network January, 2001"Voyage of the Basset, richly illustrated and lovingly conceived by James C.Christensen... 'is certain to do just that for generations of young readers. In only 168 pages we learn about dwarves, ogres, trolls, gremlins, faeries, pixies, a dragon, a Manticore, a sphinx, Medusa, a dryad, mermaids, a sea monster, harpies, a gryphon, a unicorn, a Minotaur, and lots more. They are our traveling companions, and not just boring one-dimensional mythical creations. During the voyage, the Professor and his daughters learn valuable lessons about themselves and the role magic and imagination plays in their lives.... Professor Ainsley obtains the answer to the que






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