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Michael Flohr Nola

" NOLA "
Michael Flohr

195 s/n Giclee Canvas
30" x 40"

Michael Flohr - Nola - New Orleans, Louisiana

Follow Michael Flohr into the memories of a city as rich in culture as his palette.
In The shortened term for " New Orleans, Louisiana" , Michael Flohr's N.O.L.A. channels
the spirit of nostalgia and personality in this vibrant and iconic city. Michael Flohr and his
wife and muse, Melissa, share fond memories of their honeymoon together in New Orleans.
Through his art, Flohr recaptures the romantic city scenes that he will carry with him in his
memory for all time

On this warm, rainy night, a couple strolls slowly through the French Quarter. The bright
lights against the wet ground shoot bursts of vibrant color down each narrow corridor. A
carefully rendered composition emphasizes the tall buildings that create the sense of being
consumed in a world of one's own. Time stands still in a scene where love and music r
reverberate against the ancient coblestones. Impressioninistic color softens his bold
yellows, blues, and reds into a soothing, pleasant combination of warm and cool hues.
So much history, so much life, the essence of this renowned city gives meaning
to Flohr's loose, colorful brushwork.


Michael Flohr - Nola - New Orleans, Louisiana



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Michael Flohr - Nola - New Orleans, Louisiana