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Tom Gilleon Indian Sunset 2

Tom Gilleon - Nov. 2011

55 s/n Giclee Canvas 17" x 34" Email-price
25 s/n Giclee Canvas 37" x 74" $2750


“'Indian Sunset' is also a double entendre representative of not only the painting’s strong visual, but of the decline in the Indian way of life,” Tom Gilleon explains. “I have such respect for them as a people. My goal is that my work conveys the beauty of their world and their deep-rooted connection to it.
“The painting is partially inspired by the Elton John song 'Indian Sunset' as well. It is a compassionate song and the story he tells of the fall of a young warrior comes across even though the facts in the song aren’t necessarily correct. What is important is the emotion the music creates and that’s how he approaches his work.

“I do things a little like Elton and try to not let the facts get in the way of a good story. I’m a little more visual than historical. Many of the designs I put on the outside of a tipi would more often have been adorning the inside. I exaggerate certain things like the scale of the sun. It would never appear this large, but it is a central element to the story. Native American art does the same. If it is important, emphasize it.

“Color is another powerful component. I am looking for vibrancy and impact and try not to second guess a brushstroke. I’m painting with more confidence. I feel like I’m getting closer to how I painted at age four.”

"Indian Sunset II" is a prime example of the iconic work that has driven so many of Tom Gilleon’s Fine Art Editions to Sold Out status. His seamless blend of contemporary graphic art and classic representational storytelling has collectors snatching them up as quickly as we release them. Both Editions are low in number and are designed to be displayed as contemporary gallery wrapped items.

Order your "Indian Sunset II" before the opportunity to own this outstanding work of art disappears over the horizon.


Indian Sunset II - Tom Gilleon


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Indian Sunset II - Tom Gilleon