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Terry Isaac
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( 1958 - 2019 )

Artist Terry Isaac is a native northwesterner. Living in the Willamette Valley of Oregon between the Cascade Mountain Range and Pacific Ocean, he paints the wildlife and landscapes of the western United States.

Although Isaac received a formal art education, graduating with honors, he believes his best training has come from being outdoors and from studying the work of his favorite wildlife artists.

In the last few years, Isaac has placed in 12 stamp and print competitions. He enjoys participating in these state and national fish and waterfowl stamp and print competitions because they require high standards of painting technique, design, animal anatomy and habitat. Isaac has been selected to participate in several important art exhibitions, including the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum's prestigious "Birds in Art" exhibitions. He was also commissioned to produce 14 waterfowl drawings for the Audubon Bird Handbook, published in 1987.

Terry Isaac's captivating scenes of nature are rendered in acrylics. Published by Mill Pond Press since 1988, Terry`s art is the subject of the book, Painting the Drama of Wildlife, Step by Step, published by North Light Books.

Terry`s art is also featured in Painting Birds Step by Step (cover/North Light Books, 1996), The Best of Wildlife Art (cover/North Light Books,1997), and, More Wildlife Painting Techniques of Modern Masters (Watson- Guptill Publications, 1996).

Terry was the 1998 Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show Artist of the Year and was 1998 Florida Wildlife and Western Art Expo Artist of the Year. The source of his inspiration is often as near as his own backyard, where he delights in watching the birds that have been the subject of many of his paintings, saying, "To be a good artist, you need to be a good observer."

Terry Isaac

Artist Statement

"When it is my time to leave this world, I wish to do so knowing that I have left paintings that inspire others to appreciate the true wonder and beauty of the natural world."

I have been on a journey with my art since I can remember. As a youngster, exploring the world in my backyard was a daily adventure, always finding a new treasure to look over and study. I have never lost the intrigue of daily exploration and discovery. I look for the special, transitory and magical moments in nature that appear with the right lighting, color and atmospheric conditions. Magnificence can be found in large, dramatic landscape or a smaller and less majestic scene such as a moss covered rock.

I began with an interest in animation, drawing cartoons and developing my own characters. I then studied surrealism with great interest. After college, I was interested in children`s book illustration and discovered my passion for wildlife art in the mid 1980`s. I have been creating wildlife art ever since.

I draw my inspiration from observing nature, always on the look out for "magical moments". Usually seeing a particular setting is what initially inspires me. I then consider which bird or mammal will go well with that scene. I like to capture particularity, avoid stylizing, and expose the uniqueness that every thing in nature possesses. I edit and manipulate the composition until I am satisfied, use abstract shapes and create a painting that has a sense of depth. I work background to foreground – general to specific, striving to create something that is captivating and pleasing to look at.

I usually paint in my studio during the day, every day of the week. There are times when my painting is not flowing right and I get uncomfortable and feel uncertain. Mostly, I feel the magic of watching my work develop into something that looks like the real world. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do something I have such a passion and love for.

When it is my time to leave this world, I wish to do so knowing that I have left paintings that inspire others to appreciate the true wonder and beauty of the natural world.



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