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Trisha Romance Home Bakery

Trisha Romance

15K Paper
12" x 17.25"
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Trisha Romance

Home Bakery - Trisha Romance
Published Fall 2000 - #114 limited edition print

Entering the beloved Niagara Home Bakery is like shaking a snow globe and being
drawn into the magic within. For over 60 years our local bakery has enchanted
visitors. The authentic old surroundings immediately brings one back to another
age. Although a horse and buggy no longer delivers bread to Niagara residents,
the 85 year old brick oven is still in operation today. The bakery with the aroma
of fresh baked goodies, cinnamon buns, long johns and empire cookies bring
new meaning to the word temptation. Every season the bakery is painstakingly
transformed with decorations for the holiday. While Easter abounds with
handmade chocolate bunnies and festive eggs, Christmas is alive with
Scandinavian decorations from Baker Paul's Danish heritage. Throughout
every season the walls are lined with vintage portraits of royalty casting
their glance upon patrons from near and far. It was the very first shop
that we ventured into before moving here 17 years ago, and ever since
then the Niagara Home Bakery has become an important part of our
life here in town. The Candlelight Stroll wouldn't be the same without
a trip to the bakery to fill up on gingerbread men, fruit cake and
shortbread. Everything is bundled up in the familiar white box and
wrapped up with string, but when we leave I realize that I've
aquired much more than I paid for... a childlike joy that warms
the insides and a feeling that in all the hustle and bustle it's the
simple pleasures that satisfy and fill the soul.


Home Bakery - Trisha Romance


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Home Bakery - Trisha Romance