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Daniel Smith Kodiak Collaboration Grizzly Bear

Daniel Smith

45 s/n Giclee Canvas 15" x 27" $495
15 s/n Giclee Canvas 20" x 36" $725

“The annual salmon run attracts a multitude of wildlife,” says Dan Smith. “Grizzly bears
feast on salmon as opportunistic gulls function as the cleanup crew. The complexity
and efficiency of Mother Nature continues to amaze me. Watching bears feeding alternates
between intense activity and calm moments. I don’t know if they can smell the salmon
when they arrive or if they sense some other change, but once they become aware of it,
when one bear goes out, they all go out.

“I’m very fortunate and blessed to refer to these experiences as ‘part of my job.’”Daniel Smith is recognized as simply one of the best doing this “job” today. In the last twelve months:

Western Art and Architecture, Feb/March 2012, feature story, The Ties That Bind;

Western Art Collector, January 2012, Cover and feature story, Bears of Katmai;

Cynthia Post Small Works Great Wonders Buyers’ Choice Award, November, 2011 for Riverside;

Siesta received at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City;

People’s Choice Award, September, 2011 for Raven Rhetoric at Western Visions: Miniatures and
More Show & Sale at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole, WY;

Art of the West, May/June 2011, regular feature, The Studio;

Western Art Collector, April, 2011, feature story, Natural Talent;

Distinctly Montana, Spring, 2011, feature story, Like Father, Like Son;

Bob Kuhn Wildlife Award, February, 2011 for Heavy Hitters at the Masters of American West
Fine art Exhibition and Sale at the Autry National Center, Los Angeles.

And you can easily own the art of this respected artist. Kodiak Collaboration presents that
combination of elements for which Smith’s wildlife art is known: a majestic wild animal at
home in its surroundings from a point of view few of us would ever be lucky enough to see;
meticulous detail that gives lie to muscles rippling in stride beneath the animal’s fur and
the tranquil, mirror-like quality of the water’s surface; all presented in a setting
composed as only a master artist can.

Kodiak Collaboration is available in two sizes: a MasterWork™ Fine Art Edition at the
original’s size of 36"w x 20"h with an exclusive number of only 15 canvases and
a Fine Art Edition of 45 canvases at 27"w x 15"h. Bring the art of Daniel Smith into
your home and experience the thrill of a riverside seat during Kodiak’s
annual salmon run.


Kodiak Collaboration - Bear - Daniel Smith



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Kodiak Collaboration - Bear - Daniel Smith